It's all about the music... "folk rock, country and Americana delivered in a semi-nostalgic wrap..."

Sample listen before you buy - "A good place to be from"

A good place to be from


This is the 2nd release album from Barnes Bar-b-q. Appearing on this album are Rick Barnes, Kris Barnes, Molly Barnes, Madeline Barnes and Nicholas Russell (who also produced the album).

A few of the songs were penciled in the mid 90s, and the author finally manages to bring them out of the closet and try them on with some newer ones. The author hopes they all find a kind ear to land on. [Read more...]

Sample listen before you buy - "Barnes Bar-B-Q"

Barnes Bar-B-Q

Yes, a good place to be from and it's all about music, not meat... But that's not to say we don't like a good bar-b-q now and again...  This, my first album was simply titled: "Barnes Bar-B-Q"