Barnes Bar-B-Q

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Inside the cover, there’s a picture of a high-school mate. His death, at the peak of his life, is something that stays close to the heart. This authors’ mourning, for that former roommate must be occasionally resurrected, and so it is, with the song Daddy’s New Corvette.

Every song, of course, has a history; but perhaps it’s best to let the liner notes from the first album explain the terrain:

Where I grew up, there was a sense of despair woven into the fabric of life. Hard work defined you. Illness or injury would take you. And faith was that near-intangible that would save you. Above it all, the wind blew over the crops, like a spirit from the surrounding high-desert, longing to reclaim its rightful territory… My mother toiled through her childhood; a household containing 13 siblings. Adulthood brought her to a little cafe to waitress and eventually marry the owner – who would become my father and that of my siblings. Perhaps his death, during my infancy, adds fuel to those universal questions: Where am I from? Where am I going? Who am I? … In my own strange way, I am compelled to continue grappling for understanding, by resurrecting, upon a different foundation, that roadside cafe that was called:

Barnes Bar-B-Q

. Thanks for the kind ear.